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Warehouse lighting solutions

Lighting solutions for a warehouse can be challenging due to the wide variety of work performed within a fixed space. Most warehouse operations include a number of functions that each require their own lighting design to encourage peak performance as well as reduce the risk for accidents or injury. Beyond performance and safety, a properly illuminated warehouse can lower costs, saving money across the board.Distribution of light

A lighting design that takes into account the need for a uniform lighting environment is optimal. This includes proper placement of lights to reduce the sometimes oppressive darkness common in warehouses. Reducing shadows and creating lighting uniformity makes it easier for workers to perform their jobs with the least amount of eye strain or chance of injury.

Lighting system

The type of lighting system used in a warehouse should address the needs of workers as well as functionality. For example, a warehouse that is used primarily to store, ship and receive can get away with high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting, which is very efficient and long lasting. This same system might not work out as well in a warehouse where workers are assembling packages. This is due to the color rending of the light source. Certain lights make it possible to see the real color of an object while other lights make it difficult to determine the true color. By considering the main function of the warehouse it becomes easier to select a lighting system that will address lighting needs.

Multiple switching system

Warehouse managers can reduce energy bills by installing a bi-level switching system. This offers more control over how much light is used and in what areas. Areas of the warehouse not in use can have the lights turned off, reducing the amount of wasted energy and prolonging the life of the lighting system.

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