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Lighting Kelvin Temp to Use For What

I find that bulb color to use in t8, T5HO’s and Fluorescent lighting in general rule of thumb would be

3500k Residential Lighting

Kitchens and Baths

4100k Commercial

Office Lighting Applications  

5000k Industrial

Warhouse, Manufacturing, Production Lines, Detail Work

6500k True Spectrum

Paint Booths

Defining High Bay Lights

(Hid) High Intensity Discharge High Bay Fixtures including the newest technology Pulse Start Metal Halide, and older Technology of High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) have been the lighting warehouses, manufacturing, garages, hangers, barns and other commercial, retail and industrial locations. Today with newer Pulse Start Metal Halide the lighting has become even more energy efficient and has greater lamp life (i.e. a 320 Pulse Start Metal Halide has the equivalent light output of a 400 watt Metal Halide but uses 80 less watts). In environments where dirt is substantial, or corrosive these High Intensity Discharge Fixtures are ideal. While Linear Fluorescent High Bays are gaining market share in areas, it is unlikely to replace MH in locations.

  • High Pressure Sodium or Pulse Start Metal Halide
  • Offered with an Aluminum or Acrylic reflector (15% Uplight)
  • 100-1000w HPS or PSMH
  • Most of our Fixtures us Major US Brand Ballasts and Lamps
  • Open Rated Bulb and Socket on all Metal Halide


Here is a great place to find these fixtures

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