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Stadium Lighting Requirements

Industrial lighting solutions are not just geared toward warehouses and other “industrial” applications. There are dozens of other areas that benefit from industrial lighting, including places millions of people visit each year. We are talking about indoor and even outdoor stadiums which have very specific lighting needs. Without the proper lighting at these venues, hundreds of events would be canceled leaving spectators in the dark. When considering a lighting solution for a stadium, the following factors will determine which lighting is required.

Type of stadium– The size of the stadium is the first consideration, as well as location. Is the stadium indoors or outdoors? Will the lighting devices be exposed to weather and other potentially stressing conditions. These factors play a huge roll in designing the correct lighting solution for the specific location.

Venue– What type of lighting is needed will also be determined by the activity or event in question. Sporting events require different lighting than music concerts. If events are held during the daytime or nighttime also affects exactly what type of lighting is needed. The participants in the scheduled activities not only need to have adequate lighting but also the spectators that often have a hard time seeing the event due to the sheer size of the stadium.

Television coverage– If an event is televised, special lighting requirements must be met in order for viewers both in person and watching from the comfort of their homes to get the best visual results.

In addition to the lighting design of the stadium itself, other lighting needs must also be addressed. When thousands of people gather for an event, there must be adequate and efficient lighting in parking lots, vendor areas and restrooms. Emergency lighting must also be considered which includes exit signs and other visual signs to aid in the event of an emergency. As you can see there are many factors that go into the lighting design which makes it possible for millions of spectators to enjoy the events that take place in stadiums throughout the world.

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