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Industrial Lighting Solutions Must Make Financial Sense

There are plenty of people both in the business world and everyday citizens that are jumping on board the environmentally friendly band wagon. While most of us can agree that making changes that reduce our carbon footprints should be done whenever possible, going green must also make financial sense in order to be affordable. This becomes especially true when making environmentally responsible choices on a large scale. For businesses that are in charge of running warehouses and large industrial buildings, energy efficiency is key to reducing their energy expenses. Unlike residential customers who spend a minimal amount of time comparing energy figures, these businesses spend plenty of time and thousands of dollars to keep their buildings up and running. Read more…


Lighting Kelvin Temp to Use For What

I find that bulb color to use in t8, T5HO’s and Fluorescent lighting in general rule of thumb would be

3500k Residential Lighting

Kitchens and Baths

4100k Commercial

Office Lighting Applications  

5000k Industrial

Warhouse, Manufacturing, Production Lines, Detail Work

6500k True Spectrum

Paint Booths