Commercial Lighting – Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Commercial Lighting – Energy Efficient Light Bulbs.

Commercial and industrial buildings there are several lighting options to choose from for considerable energy savings. These savings can come in a wide variety of pluses and minuses from lifespan of the lamps, energy efficiency, maintenance costs, and durability over the long haul. This is a great slide show about three technologies on the market today HID, Fluorescents and induction but does leave out the very important LED technology.


Convert t12 4 and 8 foot fixtures to LED lamps or retro kits

4 lamp T5 high bay lighting fixture, 120-277 volt ready to ship today

4 lamp T5 high bay lighting fixture, 120-277 volt ready to ship today.

Here is a great lighting for high bay problems

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High Bay VIdeo:

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T5HO VS T8 Lighting Fixture?

T5HO VS T8 Lighting Fixture? Because this questions is asked so much I will try and explain it as best as I can. I will explain size of lamp (Bulb), wattage of each lamp, lumen output, energy savings and equivalent lighting fixture “i.e. how many lamps are equal to same output.

First, size of lamp T5’s range in size as well as do T8’s, but for this article I will be discussing T5HO’s and T8’s for 4 foot fluorescent  fixtures.  T5 or T5ho’s are measure in metrics and are slightly shorts then 4 feet or about 46 inches long. When buying a T5 fixture usually the fixture will measure 4 feet and the difference in size of the lamp will be made up by a extended sockets.  On T 8 lamps the lamp measures from end of the pins 48 inches altogether and will fit a 4 foot fixture perfectly.  The diameter of the lamps very  T5 are 5 tenths of any hence the 5 in t5 and t8s are 8t tenth of an inch.

Next  wattage, again several T5s out there  varying in sizes which also vary the wattages for the lamps.  T5 4 foot lamps vary from 28 watt non high output to 54 watt High output  and the new 49 watt t5  or T5HO lamp. T8 lamps also vary wattages from length.  Lamps for a 4 foot light fixture  range from 24, 26 watt reduced energy bulb to 32 watt standard output which lumen output is controlled by the ballast.

This brings us to lumen output

T5 28 watt lamp equals about 2800 Lumens per lamp position

T5ho  54 watt lamp equals about 5000 Lumens per lamp position

T8 32 watt with a low power factor ballast equals about 2100 to 2300 lumens per lamp position

T8 32 watt with a normal ballast factor ballast equals about 2500 to 2700 lumens per lamp position

T8 32 watt with a high ballast factor ballast equals about 2800 to 3000 lumens per lamp position

To answer the energy savings question from the research that I have see, head to head, lumen to lumen equality vs. watts output the t8 fixture for the same amount of lumen is more efficient by about 3 percent .

So with this all said here is your fixture break down:

4 lamp 54 watt T5HO fixture equals 20,000 lumen output one to one swap with a 6 Lamp high ballast factor  T8 32 which equals  18000 lumens watt fixture this is comparing a high bay fixture.  6 lamps T5ho fixture approximately equals the output of a 400 watt metal halidewhen new before the 3 year diminish.

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