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High Bay Lighting Fixtures

For large areas, like gyms, warehouses, and factories, high bay lighting is ideal. These mounted industrial light fixtures typically rely on high intensity discharge (HID) bulbs, which offers lighting that is far more intense than most other options for lighting. Indoor usage of high bay lighting fixture generally uses Metal Halide because it projects a blue-ish white light that is easier for the eyes than HPS.

Advantages of High Bay Lighting with Metal Halide

Metal Halide puts the source of light where you need it and has a wide temperature range. These industrial lighting solutions can be used when temperatures exceed 120°F or drop below 50°F. They’re also ideal for operating in dirty warehouse environments, or in corrosive environments.

When To Use High Bay Lighting Fixtures

You should use high bay lighting fixtures in environments where the bottom of the light fixture will be more than 20 feet above the floorboards. Most high bay lighting fixtures will have a 15 to 18” open reflector to send the light downward and with a more concentrated beam spread than smaller lighting solutions. For warehouses and factories or gyms – any area with large space that needs to be well lit – high wattage sources for either fluorescent or high intensity discharge bulbs are required to effective brighten the space.

When to use Low Bay Lighting Fixtures

In comparison, low bay lighting fixtures can be used for spaces where the bottom of the light fixture will be less than 20 feet over the floorboards. These lights feature a 22 to 28” open reflector in order to more evenly spread the light outward, rather than down like a high bay lighting fixture. Low bay lights can be spaced more than two times further apart than their mounting height – so if they are 10 feet above the floor, you can space the lights 20 feet or more apart and still gain effective brightening.

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