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Lighting Solutions for Mall Parking Lots

Good night time lighting in mall parking lots can make or break customer volume after dark. Malls that have properly lit parking lots tend to bring in more business after dark, showing just how important it is for malls to install and maintain good industrial light fixtures.

Mall parking lot lighting needs to first and foremost make customers feel safe. When a parking lot is dark and not properly lit, customers tend to shop elsewhere. Parking lot lighting should provide good visibility with light levels being as close as possible to natural day time lighting. Glare control is also important.

Good industrial lighting fixtures will provide lighting that not only allows pedestrians in the lot to see where they are going but also helps motorist. Motorists need to be able to easily judge the distance from where they are to other fixtures like poles and structures as well as moving pedestrians. If parking lots are poorly lit the area is prone to more accidents. Pedestrian’s chances of slipping and falling increase and the chance of a motorist hitting a structure or a pedestrian are also multiplied.

Good Industrial lighting fixtures in mall parking lots will also provide angled lighting that will enhance the ambiance, which in turn can increase business. Proper lighting can showcase the outside of mall stores, showing off decorations and/or store displays almost beckoning to potential customers. It can also enhance outdoor landscaped areas and just make the overall outside of the mall more appealing to the eye.

Industrial lighting specialists are able to easily analyze mall parking lots and lay out a lighting plan that will be ideal. High poles usually provide the best lighting range, but must be within code limits for spill lighting. Bright white industrial light fixtures are also commonly used as they provide light that is close to natural day lighting.

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