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Lighting Solutions for Outdoor Stadiums

If you have ever been to an event after dark, in an outdoor stadium have you thought about all that goes into making the lighting just right? Most people haven’t and would be surprised at the science behind it. Every outdoor stadium, in order to provide good quality lighting, must be set up just right and utilize a variety of industrial light fixtures. Whether the lighting is for a sports event a concert or some other type of event, lighting must be installed just right for the athletes, performers, audience, etc.

Here is a look at some of things that impact how industrial lighting is installed and utilized inside outdoor stadiums:

  • Lighting must be without glare or shadows and must illuminate the entire playing field, stage or and any other area that is being utilized by the players or performers. If it is not, safety could be an issue.
  • In the audience there must be enough lighting to allow spectators to feel safe, yet at the same time it must also be without glare and shadowy areas must be non-existent.
  • The lighting balance between the playing field, stage, etc must work well with the audience lighting.
  • The industrial light fixtures must provide illumination that allows audience members to be able to see the game or whatever else they are watching. Audience members will want to be able to see uniform colors, numbers, costumes, etc. easily so they can distinguish between one person and another or one team and another.
  • If the event is being broadcasted on television another entire element is added to the lighting criteria. Additional industrial lighting may be needed in order to provide good quality light for filming.
  • Industrial lighting inside outdoor stadiums must also meet all local ordinances. Stadium lighting is more often than not governed by local ordinances and only so much light is allowed to spill outside the stadium.

Outdoor stadium industrial lighting installation requires a great deal of expertise. Professional installers should be consulted. If even one light fixture is installed incorrectly or a wrong fixture is chosen, above listed criteria might not be met.

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