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Commercial Lighting – Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Commercial Lighting – Energy Efficient Light Bulbs.

Commercial and industrial buildings there are several lighting options to choose from for considerable energy savings. These savings can come in a wide variety of pluses and minuses from lifespan of the lamps, energy efficiency, maintenance costs, and durability over the long haul. This is a great slide show about three technologies on the market today HID, Fluorescents and induction but does leave out the very important LED technology.


Benefits Of Using LED High Bay Lighting

High bay lighting is the most common type of lighting used in areas that have high ceilings or need to be illuminated from a great distance of fifteen feet or more. You most commonly find bay lighting in such places as arenas, stadiums, gyms, factories, warehouses, loading docks and more. While high bay lights have traditionally used High Intensity Discharge lights or florescent lights, many places are changing over to LED lights. Here is why. Read more…

Lighting Solutions for Commercial Lighting Tax Deduction

Today there are more reasons than ever before to take special care when considering your lighting solutions for commercial buildings. The cost of lighting solutions on a larger scale can quickly eat up a limited budget and most business owners are looking to save money wherever they can. When considering lighting solutions for your commercial property, be aware that there are certain tax incentives for those who qualify for the Commercial Lighting Tax Deduction. Read more…

Lighting Kelvin Temp to Use For What

I find that bulb color to use in t8, T5HO’s and Fluorescent lighting in general rule of thumb would be

3500k Residential Lighting

Kitchens and Baths

4100k Commercial

Office Lighting Applications  

5000k Industrial

Warhouse, Manufacturing, Production Lines, Detail Work

6500k True Spectrum

Paint Booths