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Convert t12 4 and 8 foot fixtures to LED lamps or retro kits


Info Graphic on how to convert T12 and T8's to LED strip Lights

Convert t12 4 and 8 foot fixtures to LED lamps or retro kits.


Benefits Of Using LED High Bay Lighting

High bay lighting is the most common type of lighting used in areas that have high ceilings or need to be illuminated from a great distance of fifteen feet or more. You most commonly find bay lighting in such places as arenas, stadiums, gyms, factories, warehouses, loading docks and more. While high bay lights have traditionally used High Intensity Discharge lights or florescent lights, many places are changing over to LED lights. Here is why. Read more…

Industrial Light Fixtures – LED vs. Fluorescent

When installing industrial lighting fixtures there are different options available. If you want to keep some money in your pocket and be environmentally conscious, then consider the following for your high bay lighting and industrial lighting fixtures. Review the pros and cons listed here so you can make an educated choice. Read more…

Lighting Kelvin Temp to Use For What

I find that bulb color to use in t8, T5HO’s and Fluorescent lighting in general rule of thumb would be

3500k Residential Lighting

Kitchens and Baths

4100k Commercial

Office Lighting Applications  

5000k Industrial

Warhouse, Manufacturing, Production Lines, Detail Work

6500k True Spectrum

Paint Booths