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When to Use High Bay Lighting

High bay lighting (or high bay lights) are industrial light fixtures that are great for use in situations where a light fixture needs to be over 20 feet above a floor surface. For these situations, we use high bay lighting because it focuses light beams in a more concentrated area, allowing for greater brightness than more diffused lighting fixtures.

High bay lighting is good for industrial lighting situations such as the following:

Airplane Hangars when lighting an airplane hangar, you have to light a large vertical area. For maintenance and cleaning of an airplane, you’ll need good lighting near the top of the hangar. But to keep things safe at ground level, you’ll also need clear lighting. High bay lights make the most sense here.

Large, Open-Style Assembly Plants- Open floor plans are relatively common in manufacturing businesses. Industrial light fixtures are a must in manufacturing, and in facilities where a lot of workers at different levels rely on well lit conditions, high bay lighting is a natural fit. It’s ability to light a large vertical space makes it the perfect industrial lighting fixture for this application. Used in conjunction with other lighting sources, all areas that need lighting solutions are covered.

Converted Factory Facilities- In older times, factories were built with extremely high ceilings. Many of these old factory facilities have since been revamped to provide the modern workforce with a place to work. These older facilities rely on well lit grounds to ensure the safety of workers at all levels, and high bay industrial light fixtures do the job right.

Outdoor Areas- Some businesses need to accomplish a part (or all) of their work outdoors. High bay lighting’s ability to focus light is a great way to ensure that outdoor work environments are safe for employees, customers and clients alike.

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