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Industrial Lighting Fixtures for Sports Arenas

Most people have probably never thought about all that goes into making sure that there is proper lighting inside sports arenas. Without superior industrial light fixtures, sports games might not be so enjoyable to watch, whether you are watching at the arena or on your television set at home. Player’s safety and performance level can also be at stake, if the lighting is flawed in any way. Read more…


When to Use High Bay Lighting

High bay lighting (or high bay lights) are industrial light fixtures that are great for use in situations where a light fixture needs to be over 20 feet above a floor surface. For these situations, we use high bay lighting because it focuses light beams in a more concentrated area, allowing for greater brightness than more diffused lighting fixtures.

High bay lighting is good for industrial lighting situations such as the following: Read more…

Warehouse lighting solutions

Lighting solutions for a warehouse can be challenging due to the wide variety of work performed within a fixed space. Most warehouse operations include a number of functions that each require their own lighting design to encourage peak performance as well as reduce the risk for accidents or injury. Beyond performance and safety, a properly illuminated warehouse can lower costs, saving money across the board. Read more…