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Industrial Light Fixtures – LED vs. Fluorescent

When installing industrial lighting fixtures there are different options available. If you want to keep some money in your pocket and be environmentally conscious, then consider the following for your high bay lighting and industrial lighting fixtures. Review the pros and cons listed here so you can make an educated choice.We all want to reduce our impact on the environment and even now there are choices to help reduce electricity consumption. The choice between light emitting diode (LED) industrial lighting and fluorescent lighting are two of the more common choices.

When choosing between LED and fluorescent industrial light fixtures, consider the following:

Life Span

LED lighting can last around 60,000 to 100,000 hours of continuous use, depending on the situation and of the materials used to construct the LED. The more pure the materials used in construction the longer life the LED will have.

During the life of an LED industrial lighting fixture, the light radiated will remain consistent throughout its surface. During the last approximately 30% of its life the intensity will gradually fade throughout the entire surface. As the light intensity fades it is an indication that new LED industrial lighting fixtures should be installed.

Compare this to the average fluorescent light fixture. Fluorescent lighting used in industrial lighting fixtures last around 10,000-15,000 hours. When a fluorescent light is installed it is very efficient and offers an even distribution of light. Unlike an LED fixture that gradually fades throughout the entire surface, as the bulb ages in a fluorescent tube, it becomes darker at the ends. This gives an uneven lighted surface.

Energy Efficiency

LED lighting generally uses about half the energy of a fluorescent bulb.

Cost Considerations

Initial purchase of LED industrial lighting fixtures is higher than most other lighting options due to the construction of LED lights. LED lights themselves are not ‘bulbs’ but are solid and reflect the light. Because they are solid makes them superior for shipping as there are no breakable parts to be worried about.

The light is made from electrons that are moving and release energy that creates the light. Originally LED were manufactured as single diodes to be used in small flashlights or as a light source as in a dashboard of a car. Now manufacturers cluster the diodes together to create a light source.

LEDs are very energy efficient and although they cost more upfront, the cost benefit can be realized over the life of the LED itself. Couple this with the fact that fluorescent light bulbs contain Mercury having LED lights makes disposal of spent lights easier.

Mercury is a poisonous element and is difficult to dispose of. Only authorized toxic waste handling facilities should be used for disposal of Mercury and items contaminated with Mercury.

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